Beautiful Sister 

The Beautiful Sister quilt is dedicated to my sister, Roberta.  It is also dedicated to my black sisters and women of color around the world.

Beautiful Sister, I See You

When I see you, I see me. I see the school girl me. I see the college student me. I see the baby sister me. I see the career woman me.  I see me in you.  I see you. I see your triumphs, I see your beauty. I see all you can be and are.

Let's Celebration Our Sisterhood

Have you ever wanted to show your appreciation and celebrate the sisterhood of black women and sisters of color all around the world? The Beautiful Sister quilt is designed for just that! A handmade quilt is a labor of love. We hope to spread a message of unity and bring comfort to those who need it most. You can honor your sisters by giving them a special reminder of the bond you share. Let's come together in celebration of our sisterhood.


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Beautiful Sister Block

It all began with the Beautiful Sister silhouette. The modern quilt block design accented with African print fabric speaks loudly. It's says, "I see You". With the Beautiful Sister 15x15-inch quilt block make a tote, pillow, and more.

Beautiful Sister Quilt

Join women across the US and around the world as we celebrate sisterhood with the Beautiful Sister quilt. 

Beautiful Sister Bomber Jacket

Clothing designer, Scorpio stitched his amazing bomber jacket, a KNOW ME pattern with Beautiful Sister fabric.


Beautiful Sister Fabric Collection

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