I See You

When I see you I see me. I see the school girl me. I see the college student me. I see the baby sister me. I see the career women me.

I see me in you.  I see you. I see your triumphs, I see your beauty. I see all you can be and are.

Beautiful Sister Quilt

The Beautiful Sister Quilt is dedicated to my sister, Roberta Wilkins and to black sisters and women of color around the world. 

  • Five 8 x10-inch Beautiful Sister Silhouettes
  • Full color, step-by-step Pattern for the 66 x 81-inch quilt

Does NOT Include additional fabrics


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Now, you can make the Beautiful Sister Quilt!
The Pattern Kit Includes:

Designing Beautiful Sister Quilt

Your Sister, My Sister

The Beautiful Sister silhouette speaks loudly. Her eyes speak. Her afro speaks. Her silence speaks.  Are you listening?

Culture Keepers

I am pleased to feature African print fabrics by Sew Creative Lounge. The vibrant and colorful fabrics are part of the cultural connection in the Beautiful Sister quilt.

Our Legacy

Sisterhood is a legacy. From one sister to another we pass down a heritage that becomes history. A history of love that conquers, challenges overcome and a life lived that strengthens community.