Stitching Lane Society Presents: Beautiful Sister Workshop

Hi there, fellow quilters! I'm thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary event, the Beautiful Sister Workshop. My name is Geraldine Wilkins, an international quilt designer and teacher, and I can't wait to share this amazing day with you!

Ever think about the stories behind every quilt? It's like a cozy book filled with family tales, memories, and fun times. And guess what? We're getting together to make our own story-filled quilts at the Beautiful Sister Workshop.

Here's What We'll Do:

I will guide you through the process of creating the Beautiful Sister Quilt, a piece that celebrates sisterhood, unity and strength.

Together, we'll enjoy some fun games designed improve our quilting skills and strengthening our friendships.

Together we'll create a space for us to learn from each other and share our passion for quilting!

Together we'll make a quilt and memories that will last a lifetime, all in one fun-filled day.

What You'll Get:

An exciting 6-hour workshop where I'll walk you through every step to create the Beautiful Sister Quilt block and quilt.

With the pattern and your sewing supplies you'll have everything you need to create your own Beautiful Sister Quilt(66 x 81- inches). 

Surprises are in store with awesome quilting prizes for our game winners. And a few keepsake gifts will be raffled to remember this special day.

Why Should You Attend:

Making the Beautiful Sister Quilt isn't just sewing; it's an act of weaving family stories, legacies, and personal journeys into a tapestry of memories. And when done in a community, each quilt square carries your story, as well ass shared stories and experiences of our sister quilters.

In the world of quilting, every stitch binds not just the fabric but souls. Share, learn, and nurture bonds in a community that cherishes quilting as much as you do.

Our 'Show and Tell' session lets you proudly flaunt your quilting creations, each telling its own story.

Workshop Information:

The event hosted by Living Water Quilter in collaboration with your quilting group includes the following:

* A 6-hour workshop taught by Geraldine
* A Beautiful Sister Quilt pattern
* Five 8x10 inch Beautiful Sister silhouette panels
* Curated Beautiful Supply List
* Pre-workshop preparation instructions
* Activities to foster community
* Raffle and activities for sewing prizes 

Schedule your Beautiful Sister workshop experience today. Coordinate with Geraldine your group's workshop and celebration of sisterhood.

Recommended Supplies

Arrive at the workshop prepared and ready to make your Beautiful Sister Quilt. To help you get ready a curated list of sewing and quilting supplies is available on the Living Water Quilter Amazon Shop.
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